Copy template for org-mode

Hi !

Since this “memex” project is excellent, I need a possibility to export my data to the excellent org-mode (emacs). I’m looking to create an ideal template to retrieve the quotes in org-mode. I simply have a problem with the format of the tags. How can I get the desired result?

My template is like this:

* {{{PageTitle}}}{{#PageTagList}} :[[{{{::}}}]]:{{/PageTagList}}
url: {{{PageUrl}}}
** {{{NoteText}}}{{{NoteTags}}}

It return

the format :memex: includes a link whereas I would like plain text at the end of the line. Is this possible? Same question for citation tags… i want :tag: instead of #tag

If you want the tags without the # you can use
{{#NoteTagList}} {{{.}}} {{/NoteTagList}}

Looking at your syntax {{#PageTagList}} :[[{{{::}}}]]:{{/PageTagList}} it is not clear to me how you manage to create that :memex: tag, nor the link. Also because the syntax in the Memex templates {{{.}}} not {{{::}}}
Another thing i see in your template is the double brackets :[[ ]]:. Are those an org-mode syntax for a link or concept? (sorry my naiveté here, never used org-mode)


You are right. I made a mistake in copying the code with a previous test. Here is a cleaner code.

* {{{PageTitle}}}{{#PageTagList}} :{{{.}}}: {{/PageTagList}}
url: {{{PageUrl}}}
** {{{NoteText}}} {{#NoteTagList}} :{{{.}}}:{{/NoteTagList}}

org-mode needs tags in the following format :tag1:tag2:tag3:

Currently, with the above code, I get this:

I have a space between each tags. Is it possible to glue them?

For double brackets, yes it’s a specific markup… see:

I annotate texts (html) with document tags and highlighted citation tags… my idea is that I will do the same when the annotation of pdf’s will be possible. So, as a researcher, I could work on interviews, archives and all my documentation in Memex… then work the data in emacs. Ideal if I can do it :wink:

Any idea @BlackForestBoi about that ? Possible ?

Thats because you have a space in the template.

No it’s not for that reason…

I need to have like this :tag1:tag2: and not like this :tag1::tag2:
I’ll be useful for all org users.

Then you need to type:


You are right. How stupid I am!