Conversations with Annotations

The web is a conversation, so should annotations be.
Much like in services like, you should be able to respond to other people’s notes and annotations so you can have conversations about specific parts of a website or paper.

Use cases:

  • Peer-Review
  • Due Dilligence
  • Customer Research
  • Knowledge Mapping

Agree with ideal situation of interoperability.
I rememeber last year memex was working toward W3C annotation standards compatability, has this been achieved?
Would it be possible to interact, or at least use publicly available annotation metatdata embedded for example a hyposthesis annotation on a BMJ article etc, and pull that into the memex eco system? Pubpeer… similarly, though I’m not sure is they comply to the same annotation standard or not… but it would be great!
Beyond that, a conversation, or interaction, in the manner outlined above, would be ideal

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Do not expect this to be done by any annotation or Tools for thought maker.
It has to be co-created co-evolved Commons based peer produced as a new Overlay for the Web:

Create a Web 3 Overlay for annotations linked to inter personal conversations that

  • can be continuous without being synchronous
  • is Personal First with privacy gurantees
  • Federate able commensurable
  • inviting dialogue in an Interlay
  • never enclosed in silos

contiguous with the participants entire knowledge work that is

  • discoverable, syndicatable
  • shared with full provenance
  • High Bandwidth/Fidelity sharing/comprehension
  • dynamically explorable
  • annotatable
  • conversational
  • benefiting the participants