Capture "formatting" in highlight

Sometimes the thing you’re highlighting is a table.

Sometimes it’s a picture.

Sometimes what you’re highlighting isn’t just text.

I’d love it if, saved highlights “somehow” looked. . . like the original source material.

  • Either via retaining some element of the source css, or
  • Via letting you make an “area highlight” that takes a picture of the source material instead of taking the text.

I imagine Implementing this feature would be way, Way, WAY harder than it sounds.

It’s what I’d really love, so I thought I’d at least put it down.

Great feature request and something I’ve been looking into already.
Indeed its quite complicated to get e.g. tables or list elements but its possible.

I think its one of the things we want to tackle sooner than later, as it is a core experience people need.
We have now a couple of feature improvements lined up on the general collaboration workflow to co-curate, co-annotate and discuss content, and after that we intend to work for a while on feature improvements like these that make the core experience smoother.


Or even just keeping the formatting in things like bullet points and number lists. When highlighting a page that has a nice bulleted list as soon as it is highlighted it just becomes a hard-to-read conglomerate.


Agree with @cbr600grl. Basic formatting is all that’s needed in the highlights.

  • Paragraph spacing
  • Bold italic
  • Ordered and unordered lists…

High up the prio list!

@BlackForestBoi YES!!!