Cannot proceed with automatic Drive backup

  1. Which browser, operating system and versions of those are you using?

I’m using Chrome v83 on MacOS v10.15.5.

  1. What are the steps you took that lead to the bug?

a. Open the plugin dashboard.
b. Move to Backup & Restore
It says: “You haven’t set up any backups yet.”
c. Click on “Start Wizard”.
d. In STEP 1/5, Select “Google Drive” and click “Continue”.
e. In STEP 2/5, Select “Automatic Backup”
At this point, there is no “Continue” button appearing.
I’m in trial status and willing to pay after the trial but I cannot really “try” the pro features.

Hey @ersiner!

Nice to see you here.

Gonna fix it on Monday, regression from a recent release.

You can already start with manual backup and later switch over. Will ping you once the updates are out.

Sorry for the troubles!


I pushed the version 2.2.3 this morning with a fix to this problem!

Now I’m stuck in another step. I’ve selected my Google account to connect to but I now have JSON message on the screen with my Google account details that seems to be failed for redirection.

I just tested and it works all fine with me.

When you go to chrome://Extensions > enable developer mode > memex > background page > console while you do that, what do you see?
Btw. best clear the console before you start the backup process so we know exactly what is added during that process.