Bulk remove lots of automatically saved websites | currently mixed in with manually saved websites making my Memex library unusable

I’ve been a long time user since the early days of Memex, when the extension would automatically save every single visited website as you browsed the web. The automatically saved websites could be distinguished from the manually saved ones, but after the migration to new Memex, I cannot tell which websites are just my browsing history, and which ones I actively marked with the heart / bookmark (except in cases where I explicitly added them to spaces).

I’ve been experiencing sync-to-cloud issues after the migration to the new Memex for like half a year (CPU 100% so I had to disable the extension), but finally those got fixed, and I was hoping to start using Memex again.

I would love to become a paying customer, but my library is basically a mess. And since there’s no “bulk remove” option, I cannot even clean up the mess. I don’t even know how to find/distinguish the auto-saved history items from the stuff that I bookmarked manually. Going through the thousands of entries sounds like hell, but I also don’t want to loose the stuff I saved until now, and start from scratch.

What are my options?