Bugs. basic things

these things are frusturating, almost a deal breaker
i rely on the shared url version because this thing is so damn slow.

  • cant open links on android like any normal link. wtf??
  • while on android, the youtube video breaks as im on the page
  • the android app is unusable. its just not a good app
  • the annotations of URL shared version dont sync. I need it to sync. cuz we rely on using the collaborated shared version
  • theres no web based application. the extension version is slow. the app sucks. make the web version.

Hey there, thanks for giving us such critical feedback. Let’s unpack this and hope get it fixed asap!

  1. When you say “you can’t share links on android” you mean a sharing link?
  2. When you say it breaks as you are on the page, you mean when you try to open a youtube video in the mobile app on android?
  3. What are the things besides the bugs you are missing on the mobile app? Mind at least right now its not meant to have the same feature set than the extension, its there just to capture things (but will be expanded soon), hence a lot of the features you may expect are not there yet. If you can lay out what work you want to get done on the mobile app I can figure out best how to enable that.
  4. Which processes in the extension are slow right now, and what is the things you need the web app for? I know a web app can be handy but the extension does the heavy lifting right now of a lot of things and want to make sure to understand if there are workflows that can only be done with a web app that you are looking for.

Thanks for the help!

theres a limitation on the amount of media and links I can include for new users so you can read my reply on this upnote link


Thank you so much for the effort to put this all together!

So to your points

  1. The link feature being broken on mobile, will fix asap!
  2. I’ll look into the screen going white issue too, strange.
  3. Search on mobile is on the near term roadmap. Probably going to land in 1-2 months.
  4. Annotations moving to the top is a great feature suggestion. Can add this in the sorting feature easily. Will do that today!
  5. The collaboration link not having notes: This is more of a UX issue so far but has just been greatly improved. This is how it works, just made a quick video: Creating & Sharing Annotations - Descript
    Essentially you have to put a note into a space for it being shared there, or into a page link.
    I suggest leaving the “auto-added” setting on (top right of sidebar notes list) unless you actively want to add a not to a specific space you can do that manually then.
  6. title change not syncing: Also will look into it asap and fix it up
  7. Extension opening in youtube timestamp in new tab: Also will be fixed
  8. Alt+f dashboard not showing youtube videos: Which version of the extension are you on? I have fixed this but due to limitations of Youtube injections had to remove the video from that view.
  9. web access. Yeah we’ll get to that also at some near point, some other things more important right now. Will add at least a sidebar with all your spaces so you can navigate them. Search will be different/limited though.

You also mentioned that the extension is slow, where is that happening?

Quick update:
4. New annotations go to the top in the dashboard (fixed now), more sorting coming - just ran out of time.
6. Title edit syncing is fixed, in chrome review now, probably out by tomorrow.

  1. with the white screen also just tried and can’t reproduce. Do you have any pattern of steps you take that lead to this that you could identify? My assumption looking at it is that some ad is trying to load on that youtube page and fails. We may have to put an ad blocker in there.

The link sharing we can reproduce, will be fixed asap.

I got an email with a response of yours that you had troubles logging in, did you delete that again aka did it get solved?

For some reason i only get your responses via email, not in here. weird.

Anyway, did you try the social logins or your normal email login there?

If you have used the social logins on your other device, try to reset your password in that login flow in firefox and login with that. Firefox has a lot of quirks making it very hard to implement the social logins and we didnt get around doing that yet (firefox is only about 5-10% of our users, sorry)


  • Just pushed an update to the “share link” bug to Android. Sorry it took a bit longer we had issues with our build pipeline and a bunch of other features we released this week (ai chat, image support for AI, youtube timeframe selection, academic citation format)
  • Search on mobile is around the corner, we’ll start with a foundational work to this this week (overhaul of search backend on extension > foundation for mobile search) and then after we’ll add the mobile search.