Backup process stuck after clicking "Calculate size"

How to reproduce?

Well… click “Calculate size”. Then wait. Nothing happens, exept for this animation for eternity:


macOS 10.14.6
Firefox 71


Hey, @blackforestboi, sadly, this issue is still present.

On top, the database is killed/reset at random times so every few days I need to get back to a backup of my Firefox Profiles folder and overwrite the moz-extension+++… folder.

Can we export/extract pages, highlighted texts and notes (incl. their tags) and then re-import them to a fresh new database, using e.g. the StorexHub API? (This would allow me to start from scratch but knowing I can add previously saved items (incl. meta-data) later.)

Or what do you suggest?

Hey Martin!

Super super sorry for not responding. This has been falling through the crack.

One error is particularly interesting:
"The operation failed for reasons unrelated to the database itself"
Can you expand that with the little triangle and make another screenshot?

My hunch tells me that you maybe have too much data inside Memex. Firefox is kind-of the special child here as it’s not adhering to the “unlimited storage” policy, but caps an individual extensions data at ~2gb.

Can you give me an idea on how much data you have inside memex?
To find out go to: about:devtools-toolbox?type=extension&

Then paste this into the console. {
console.log("Usage: " + (estimate.usage/1000000).toFixed(0) + " MB" )
console.log("Available: " + (estimate.quota/1000000).toFixed(0) + " MB" )
console.log("How Full: " + (estimate.usage / estimate.quota * 100).toFixed(2) + "%")

If we now that, we can go for some next steps. I’ll promise I’ll be very responsive this time and helping you to fix this bug. Super annoying and I thank you for sticking around even though the extension made it so painful for you.

Hey Oliver, no problem. It was frustrating, but I don’t blame you. You’re doing the best you can and this is already great. :sunglasses:

Still, looking veeery much forward to fixing this issue. :grinning: :pray:

Here you go:

File size of SQLite database: 1.58 GB

Just took ~3 times overwriting the reset moz-extension+++… (in the third try, I overwrote only the main database file and the similar-named folder).

Which of the triangles did you mean?

Here is a fresh upload. The only log message triggered when… triggering the backup process (which is still stuck at the same screen of the initial post) are the following lines:

DEPRECATED: StorageRegistry.collectionsByVersion is deprecated, use StorageRegistry.getSchemaHistory() instead [background.js:1:636408](moz-extension://4d4d1391-931c-464d-9a99-7f9e6673dd6d/background.js)

UnknownError: The operation failed for reasons unrelated to the database itself and not covered by any other error code.

See also screenshot. Maybe, uncaught exception: Object is also related & helpful.

bump @BlackForestBoi :wink:

But as I said, no worries, if you’re busy with other stuff. Don’t see this as a priority. Just a friendly reminder.

thanks for the bump. Indeed so many things going on right now.

@v.denboer what could be the reason this one is failing?

Unfortunately, the UnknownError error is not really helpful. Searching for it quickly doesn’t reveal very useful information. What I could do is to dive into the code to see what it’s trying to do after that step.

Hey @v.denboer and @BlackForestBoi, would that be possible?

Alternatively, maybe you can answer my question Backup process stuck after clicking "Calculate size"?

If that’s possible, I would know that I can continue using Memex – with fresh, new installation and database, knowing that I can import it later directly from the old 1.58GB sqlite database.


Are you down to have a short video call with me soon?
It seems as if in your second screenshot the backup process worked, so if you are down I’d like to do some troubleshooting with you.

I could do Friday 4pm Berlin time.


Sounds great, let’s do it!

I’ll write you in Slack, if you don’t contact me elsewhere before.

Bis morgen! :sunglasses:

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