Backup across multiple devices

Is backup supposed to work across multiple computers (as well as phone)? I’ve been using Memex on multiple devices with the same account but notes are not syncing. I also believe I’m losing tags, though I’m not positive of this (it’s possible I didn’t hit enter/save after entering the tags so this piece may be user error).

Both are on Brave on Windows

Hey Danny,

multi-device syncing is not working yet apart from syncing between one mobile phone and one computer.
We are in the process of finishing up the MVP for the collaboration features, and the next step would be to move to a better sync infrastructure.

So yeah backup is theoretically working, you can backup multiple devices, but they will be separate backups. Whatever device you paired with your phone is doing the backup together with the phone.

Sorry for not having better news so far, but we know how much of a priority it is and will work on it up next!

Okay thanks.

Is it appropriate to assume that if I use on multiple devices now, they will be able to be merged in the future? I can plan around lack of immediate sync, but more about whether I can depend on highlights/annotations and tags i’m taking to converge into one in the future.

Yes for sure. We’ll definitely take care of that!