Archive feature to be able to browse/search links that are not archived

When I moved from Pocket to Memex, a few years ago, I inherited of a Space called “Read Archive” which I now renamed “Archive”.
I haven’t used Pocket since but I remember that you could archive a saved web page and that it would put it apart from the non-archived pages. So that I could browse all the pages that I had not read yet and decide which one I should read next. I was using a Pocket client on my Kobo e-reader, so that was very practical to be able to browse only the pages I had not read yet.

I’m not sure exactly how this feature could be implemented but basically I just need to be able to exclude a Space from search, in this case that would be “Archive”, so that I can just browse/search the links that are not in that Space (not archived yet).

I guess either a new Archive feature could be implemented or just a new search feature that would allow for similar results.

Thank you

We actually had exclusions of Spaces once, but had to cut it for focus reasons back then.
I can look into it how to bring it back now we have more space.

however, you can appropriate the “Inbox” for that?
All things you touch land there automatically and then you could remove them one by one.

Would that solve some of your use case for now?

I’m using the Inbox the normal way I guess, checking the latest links I’ve saved to see if I didn’t make a mistake, forgot to add something or need to send it to someone. If everything is ok I just clear it.

But I’m not in urgent need of this feature right now because I’ve learned to live without it. I just transfer some articles to my e-reader as an epub or PDF if I really want to read them later. It takes more time but it is more private than using Pocket.

Still, I think that it is a very useful feature to be able to separate the archives from the rest. And that other users would probably need it. So I hope that you can implement it in the future.

Thank you