All memex actions fail - "a is undefined"

  1. Which browser, operating system and versions of those are you using?
    Windows 10 enterprise, Firefox 68.8.0esr (32-bit), behind a https-proxy.
    Other extensions installed:

  2. What are the steps you took that lead to the bug?
    Installed the extension, restarted browser, tried to add a tag, note, bookmark. All fail with the same error message in a notification window.

thanks for reporting this bug.

What is the exact error message you experience?


when using the sidebar, all text boxes disappear after the second character is entered. The highlighter leaves a progress box below the highlighted text with animated dots but never completes the highlight-action.

It may be that UBlock prevents the content script from executing properly. What happens if you disable it?

I went through all the extensions, disabling them one-by-one and restarting the browser after each change - the issue remained when I only had memex extension installed.

I may have found the root of the issue:

Firefox Quantum Extended Support Release 68.8.0esr (32bit) doesn’t work with Worldbrain Memex at all.

Firefox 76.0.1 (64bit) works with Worldbrain Memex without any issues.

… which means that the esr version (typically used in managed enterprise environments) is lacking some functionality that Memex needs?

Hey there, I just downloaded Memex tonight, love the concept and privacy model and hoping to give it a go. Unfortunately I’ve run into this same issue - TypeError: "r is undefined" for all actions, and nothing getting saved as I browse or when I click bookmark/add note etc.

I am running Firefox 76.0 on MacOS 10.15.4. I can confirm that disabling the ublock origin plugin restores Memex functionality for me, however this is the one plugin I can’t live without.

Do you all have any tips on how to configure ublock origin to play nice with Memex?

I did a bit of googling, it seems to have to do with this:

If you add the text behind-the-scene on its own line to the whitelist settings pane in ublock origin, then pages can be bookmarked, tagged, and highlighted, and are automatically indexed :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were quite a bit of overlap between privacy conscious users of ublock origin and those that might be interested in memex - hopefully there is some way you can either detect that ublock origin is running to alert the user, or get your traffic whitelisted by ublock origin by default?

Thanks for your hard work on this!

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