After changing from Private to Public in Annotation 1 its text REPLACED Annotation 2 as the original from Annotation 2 was not recoverable (not found, but destroyed)

To get your bug fixed faster please try to answer the following questions:

  1. Which browser, operating system and versions of those are you using?
    Brave Version 1.50.114 Chromium: 112.0.5615.49 (Official Build) (arm64)

  2. Which version of Memex are you running?
    Memex 3.3.54

  3. What are the steps you took that lead to the bug?

  • Changed the settings from Private to Public (copied the url) in Annotation 1
  • Made a search query for another Annotation
  • Clicked the search results from search for Annotation 2
  • Noticed that the Annotation 2 was replaced completely with the previous Annotation 1
  • The original (Annotation 2) was not recoverable i.e. it was overwritten by Annotation 1.

Hey Nera,

thanks for the detailed bug report will investigate ASAP and let you know + hopefully fixing the bug immediately.