Add other video websites to the Videos tab in the dashboard

When clicking on the Videos tab in the dashboard we can see only videos from YouTube or Vimeo. It would be great to add other video websites like:

  • Odysee
  • BitChute
  • Rumble
  • CrowdBunker
  • DailyMotion
  • Other video websites

It would also be great to see the thumbnail and be able to play the video from there.
Thank you !

Good idea, will add those!

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Allright, done!

Rumble is filtered too though I could not display the video in the results.
If you want to write them for feedback, the reason is that they are using for their embed a different video ID than is present in the url, so I cannot infer it for the embeds.

I suspect it would be worthwhile for them bc a lot of aggregators would not be able to display their content properly.

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Well thank you very much, it was fast ! :smiley:

Regarding Rumble, I don’t think I would be the best person to talk on your behalf or on behalf of other developers.
Also Rumble hasn’t been accessible from France for more than a year I think, because of legal issues:


So I haven’t used it lately… I need to connect to a free VPN for that.

Regarding the feature, there are probably other websites that could be added to your liking, like Facebook (videos) and others that I can’t think of right now.