Unable to save notes from text highlights in mobile app

Unable to save selected text as a note in the mobile app.
I selected some text in the pocket app, chose share, choose memex app, added a couple tags, hit save. > nothing happens on tapping save.
Device: OnePlus 6T (A6010)
OS: Android 10
Oxygen OS 10.3.1

Good morning @prshnt!

Unfortunately this is not yet possible :frowning:
Due to limitations in the data interface provided by iOS and Android we can only either get the url or the selected text when the “share-to” system is triggered.
It really also blows our minds how in 2020 its not possible to get both with one request, even though the data is available at this endpoint.

Developing a user friendly way to also do annotations on mobile is high on our priority list.
For now you can save anything url-addressable. like Tweets, websites, facebook posts.


I see. That’s a crazy constraint. Thanks for looking into this, Oliver. You guys are doing a great job!