Plans for Memex

Good day to the Memex team.

I have a question in regards to the future development and business model of Memex.

I think the tool is quite useful. In fact, it does most of what Raindrop does but offers the additional functionalities of highlight + comment.

One thing, however, that makes Raindrop extremely attractive and popular is that it stores a copy of all saved websites. Should the website or embedded material on a website get taken down, Raindrop will save a copy of how it was at the time of saving.

Are you planning on featuring this function in Memex also? If so, I would make the move from Raindrop. Otherwise, I’m afraid the storing functionalities of Raindrop will win the race for my preference, despite the fact that I love the Memex highlighting tool.

A really useful feature is being able to easily save youtube timestamps and export them to markdown.
For some reason, this feature is greyed out on my tool ribbon.

Also, on your upgrade page, I can see that the launch price will be 10 USD per month (360 USD per year). Will there continue to be a free option?

Raindrop, which I believe may be your strongest competitor at the moment is charging 2.5 USD for its premium service per month. Thus, with Memex, the user will be paying a 4x premium for the highlighting and commenting option?

I think your tool is brilliant and I want to see it succeed, I just want to make sure I am getting all this right before migrating from Raindrop.

Thanks for listening! :slight_smile:

This has always been my gripe with Memex, and given that it was local only first, I can see why they didn’t want to store large amounts of data locally in a browser extension.
Given that the project is moving to “cloud”, I’m sure going forward they’d be more than happy to upload full content of a page, to truly capture the text you highlight. E.G. if you highlight text on page, and it changes, Memex will not have that shown correctly as it shows the page as-is, not as it was (as you say).

Disable/Reenable extension has helped me before, I think. I’ve had that before.

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