Paid Selfhosting?

I fully understand the idealism vs. reality situation, but I still want to control where my data is stored.

Will it be possible to develop a model that a subscription is required to activate a (private) docker image, so that self-hosting is still profitable?

The pricing is tricky though. I have no problem accepting to pay a premium fee to do Bring-Your-Own-Infra and I’m curious what other potential selfhosters think. Over-simply put, this require enough user to fund some technical employee to work on selfhosting support – troubleshooting, communication channel, update scheduling (it has to keep up with the GA browser extension I think) etc.

This tier may also require the user to give up some warranties, and the users will be on their own for availability, redundancy, backups etc.

I don’t know if it’ll work out but since this is an “Ask anything” board I’ll be blunt and shoot it anyway :slight_smile:

They’ve stated their view on selfhosting here and that’s the closest answer I’ve found.

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