Organisation of Folders

I am conflicted when writing this.

  1. I like the feature.
  2. I don’t like the feature.

So. I am a little conflicted.

My issue:

A little while back Memex changed on my end from being organised by Alphabetical Order to being ordered by apparent Randomisation. I don’t believe there is an option anywhere to do this, though I had been wanting this feature for a while.

What I wanted was for ‘folders with saves recently clicked on’ (foremost) + ‘folders with newly added saves’ to be the highest on the list. If not recently clicked on, for the rest of the list to be under Alphabetical Order.

Or, a Star’ing based system for Folders under Alphabetical Order. So that some folders without ‘a’ at the front would be at the top without putting ‘a this-folder’ or ‘1 this-folder’ to put it up the top without having to search through a long list, if a frequently used folder.

So I did want the list to be able to change from Alphabetical Order, but I didn’t want what I perceive right now as total randomisation. Cause it’s chaos, lol. Thankfully it doesn’t change everyday, but right now, I have some of my most frequented folders at like 20, or 39, or 51, out of +70 folders… quite problematic for trying to find something quickly.

I was wondering if I had just missed something in the options that I had turned on when exploring, or whether there was going to be further updates to the newly added system to add some further customisation.

Love the product btw.

Thanks @swatch for taking the time to lay out your frustrations and suggestions.
Indeed the current folder feature is pretty crappy - and we know it.

What I hear you want:

  1. You want to order collections by ones that have recently been added to
  2. Manual ordering of collections

We have a couple of improvements already planned:

  1. Searching through the titles via the sidebar
  2. Manual ordering
  3. Nested collections

I really like the idea of having the ability to sort the list by

  1. Alphabetical
  2. Last Added-to
  3. Manual Order