My experiences with Memex so far and a question

My experiences with Memex so far and a question

I use Memex to get information from the daily articles I read on the Internet. I once tried this with ‘Pocket’ and ‘Instaper’. This did not work for me. Memex’s possibilities are more extensive and the user interface is pleasant. I am now also starting to use Memex for annotating my pdf files. Originally I used Polar for this. This app is very suitable for working with the pdf-format, an additional advantage is that Polar also enables backlinks. Unfortunately, this is not possible in Memex. I have my pdf documents stored in my Pcloud and use the pcloud web link of my documents to open them in the Memex App (browser). This works very well. I can close my Polar subscription.

Working with the spaces takes some getting used to. I am used to working with folders and tags. It requires a new approach in my thinking.

The annotations can be copied very easily so that I can enter them in Obsidian.

These experiences have led me to take out a pre-order subscription.

However, I still have an important question. Suppose I were to delete all the apps installed in my browsers and mobile phone … would all my data be lost? Is it necessary to install a backup? I am a linux user and can’t make sense of the zip file that has to be downloaded.

Memex moved to the “cloud” so backups of your data should be in the “cloud” tied to your Memex account. There is a local backup program, it doesn’t seem to work for me anymore… but may do for you…