Internal link syntax in copy/paste templates

I use Memex in conjunction with Obsidian to save notes and highlights from articles to my personal knowledge base. I have created a copy/paste template to get my page notes into Obsidian in my preferred format. Because Obsidian allows internal linking to other files within the app, I often include links to preexisting Obsidian files in [[this format]] in my Memex notes. This way, when I copy and paste the notes from Memex to Obsidian, the links are already functional.

However, within the past week or so I’ve noticed that whenever I copy my notes in Memex to Obsidian, any internal links I’ve included are rendered with slashes in between the brackets, \[\[like this\]\]. This breaks their functionality in Obsidian and requires me to go through my pasted notes and edit all the links to get rid of the slashes. Why is this occurring and how can I get it to stop? I looked through the copy/paste templates documentation, but there doesn’t seem to be anything about this issue.


thanks @olivia530!

Fixed it and will go out with the next release (scheduled Wednesday, probably through review friday/saturday)