"Inbox" disappeared from from My Spaces

Hi there!

Inbox used to be in My Spaces, but now it disappeared. Is it not a bug? Will it stay like this?
It requires a change to my workflow; I just want to confirm before developing a new one.


Is that on mobile or in the extension?

Inbox was in My Spaces list both on mobile and in the extension (when using the annotation sidebar to assign/unassign a space). I didn’t create this space, but I was using it. Normally I was removing the page from the Inbox after I reviewed it, and it was very convenient that all bookmarked pages got this Inbox space assigned automatically.

Then Inbox disappeared from available options both on mobile and in the extension’s sidebar.

Today it is not present on the sidebar (however it is present on the main extension Search page), but I have two Inboxes on mobile and something is broken there because when I open pages from the Inbox space they don’t have a checkmark on the Add to Spaces dialogue, so I can’t re-assign them.

I guess I’ll wait for a couple of days and then just create my custom space for the same purpose.

You may not need it at all. Anything you either save with :heart:, annotate or put into a space is added to the inbox.