If you purchase an Early Bird Subscription now, would you be have the Early Bird discount/price forever?

I’m wondering if Memex follows the same or similar model as Obsidian, where if you are an Early Bird, you’ll have the Early Bird discount/price for the account you bought the subscription with forever.

Does Memex do this too?

Bumping this topic in case it was missed.


We are not sure yet how to deal with that topic and to what extend we will grandfather people in.
For now it at least means you have the discount for 3-6 years.
But we are biased towards giving more discounts usually, so we may end up giving people a lifetime discount. We’ll see.

It feels weird to be subscribed to the service right now and see it isn’t exactly “linked” to my account. I can’t even see any indication from Memex itself that I am subscribed (in the GUI) - you’re sure you’re going to ensure a smooth transition for Early Bird paid users?

I am impressed with Memex and am seriously considering investing $150. But before I do so, I would like to read Memex’s answer to the previous question.

Heya you 2!

Yeah agreed is a bit weird, but rest assured that transition will definitely happen smoothly.
Why should we fuck you over with this?

It’s just that it will take us half a day to a day to implement properly and we rather spend this time on more high impact improvements right now, as for example:

  • Getting the mobile app fixed up (lots of bug and ux improvements upcoming), as well as the ability to share and collaborate from mobile
  • Ability to collaborate on annotating individual pages and 1 click opening annotated pages with annotations already visible (right now a 6 step process to view annotations of a page you got shared)

We are right now also in Fundraising mode and will hopefully have more dev power soon and could scoop this in, but for now other things are a must.

Also the early bird subscription is not really a subscription but a presale for one. So for now the tool is free to everyone anyway. You can support our development with this and will when the subs launch get over 60% discount by getting $360 worth of subscription credits. It would change nothing for you if it’s in the interface or not (apart from the sentimental value which I can also understand). Once we launch you’ll get that discount

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You have convinced me! I have happily transferred $150 to a software project I believe in.

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