How to sync between two different laptops?

Hi I just signed up for pro membership precisely because I wanted to sync between two laptops. But I am not sure if I am following the steps to sync. Is it just a matter of downloading the extension on the other computer and using my username and pw for memex? Could someone please help?

I am interested in this functionality as well, as I am sure others are- this (or closely related) has been raised numerous times, for example, here and here. As far as I can tell, it’s in the works but not available yet.

In the interim, anyone knows of any workarounds to sync two computers? Doesn’t have to be automatic; manual is fine- heck, even a github based approach would be ok. But till this is developed, I am sure many are sorely missing it.

Things I am thinking of:

  1. Different computers syncing different annotation notes - not a great recipe.
  2. One computer syncing and another in read only… I was able to have one computer sync to my account; another was able to read. However, my sense is, as soon as I have computer 2 do a write, it will not be readable by computer 1. Any hacks possible there?

I would think for now you should make a manual backup and restore it on your second PC.

Sorry for the ultra-late reply. We are launching a completely overhauled sync on October 11.
From then on you can sync as many devices as you want, have auto-backup and saving and annotating stuff on tablets available.


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