How To Sync Among Different Computers: Memex Cloud Sync vs Google Drive

Is there a way to sync browser history among different computers? Is Using Google Drive better than Memex cloud sync? Which is preferred? If used on different computers do they all save in the same folder?

Sorry for the late response here.

Google Drive is as of now just a backup, not a sync feature. So it does not really work like that for now.
You can in theory backup to the same folder indeed and then do a restore, but that is rather cumbersome.
The same functionality a little bit adapted could in theory however offer a sync functionality - if someone is interested to contribute let me know.

We just don’t have the time yet right now as we are currently focused on more ability to share memex data and integrate it into other workflows, after that we are very likely going back to the sync features and add the multi-computer sync.

I really find this to be critical to me. I don’t see the point of using this app without a sync with more than one PC and/or browser. Yes I use more then one browser and definetly more then 1 PC. I end up using bookmarks and memex, wich makes no sense

Totally get the problem and we know how critical it is.

Unfortunately we are missing the funds to build it.
The funding we just got (100k) is tied to building out the sharing and collaboration features.

We are trying to raise another 100k to be able to build out the sync and cloud availability properly.

I’d also love to see this in Memex. Truth be told, I was a little surprised to see highlights get dropped between machines. What would contributing some pro bono dev work entail? I’m if you wanna reach out directly.

Oh wow, thanks Daniel for the offer.

Indeed, we also are aware that its not a 2021 user experience - our next milestone after finishing the sharing/following/discussions is to provide a proper sync and cloud experience for Memex.

I’ll reach out to you via email. :pray: