Highlighted text is unreadable (!) : any way to change highlight color?

Windows 10 - 21H2
Firefox 96.0.1

Description :

On dark mode, text highlighted with Memex is basically unreadable, which kind of defeats the purpose of an highlighter ! See the picture below.

Has Memex succesfully been tested with dark mode websites ? Is there any way to change highlight color, to provide better contrast with dark mode websites ?

Thank you !



Has there been some acknowledgment of this issue ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I also agree. This makes the app a lot less useable as more and more websites are offering dark modes.

Not optimal but you can use Stylus addon to target the highlight class in the mean time.

Sorry guys for the late reply.
I was heads-down in a redesign of the extension, which I finally pushed last night.

On the issue: We’ll look into it asap, this originally worked but must have been breaking.


As mentioned by @AdrianSkar, you can use Stylus to override the CSS.
Or you can also use an user defined CSS file to override it, this way no third party extension is required.
Create your userContent.css file as per the instructions given here.
And then, paste this snippet in the aforementioned file.

background: #ffff00 !important;

._2ENyfEDXjYwJlp5AGrY3Cx {
 background: #ffff4d !important;

You can change the hex codes of the color as per your choice.
This has been tested on Firefox 97. And it works perfectly.
Don’t know about Chrome.


Thank you for the acknowledgment @BlackForestBoi.

Thanks for the workaround @spiceDev and @AdrianSkar . Anyway, looking forward for this being natively implemented in Memex.