Firefox Add-on - cannot install

Hi, this page leads to nowhere:

So it’s not possible to use Memex with Firefox, at least for new users.

I first discovered Memex at work where I can only use Firefox. Couldn’t make it work. Then started using it at home with Chrome, great. Now went back to check Firefox, still broken link.

Or maybe Firefox is not supported at the moment? In this case the Memex homepage is confusing for new users.


I was confused! I was able to install Memex on Opera (with warnings about mismatched APIs) but I’d like to on Firefox. I give up on Safari, it’s so weird these days.

Thanks @yarnover fro noting that Firefox was missing, and welcome over here :slight_smile:

Firefox upped their game when it comes to thoroughness of extension reviews to ensure no potential privacy or security bugs.
We had to fix a couple of those and make our privacy settings more clear.

Since today it’s online again.
What changed:

  • Improved onboarding process with explicit analytics settings
  • Clearer privacy policy (
  • Fixing potential security problems with the way we used external scripts by pulling them locally.


Hi, I just tried to install it, without success.

I get “An unexpected error occurred during installation.” But the cause might be security measures, I tried at Win station at work where I have no control of the environment. Will try later at home.

Yes that is very likely the cause. :slight_smile:

Yes, I installed the add-on without problems at home.

So it’s something about my work computer’s settings that prevents the extension from installing. Not sure what as I am able to install other add-ons.

Maybe its part of the required permissions that your work environment may not like (e.g. that Memex can read and modify every website)?

Probably. I just figured my workaround, so if anyone has the same issue (inability to install Chrome, inability to install FF add-on).

The workaround is Memex in Brave browser. I am able to install Brave without admin rights, as well as Memex extension. So thanks!

(Btw it occured to me to try this when I was looking at the 3 icons at and was wondering: what is that 3rd icon, the lion-like one? Maybe mouse-over text would help others to learn this easier :slight_smile: .)

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