Confusion about Pioneer Payment options


i am not sure if this is the right place for this question:

I just found out about your pioneer plan. Which costs 150 for two years? Or three years?

I am already paying for memex pro. When I edit my payment settings, i can add Pioneer support for 50$/Year. Is that the same thing I can buy via the stripe link, but just for one year?

But then, looking into my account seetings, i already have the pioneer “Edition”, without even upgrading? Is that the same or something else?

Hey Tja!

Yeah I can see your confusion.

The Old “Pioneer” option was one that we offered early on for people that wanted to join the Beta options and support our development. We ultimately made the beta free, so I’ve sent you a coupon code for $60 discount you can use when upgrading to the new Pioneer Plan.

Thank you so much for your support back then.
It REALLY made a difference and allowed us to land the last round of a bigger grant.

For anyone seeing this message also having upgraded the Pioneer plan in the past, leave a reply here and we’ll sort it out for you too.

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I have the Pioneer Edition with beta features enabled also. I found this post when I was confused about the new Pioneer plan.

Edit: The entire Pioneer Plan Details page has me very confused about what exactly the new plan offers, how a premium subscription which I will get for free is different from my current pro plan, how long this will be free. When does multi-device sync launch and what’s it going to cost?

Memex has become indispensable in my workflow, the ability to annotate, tag, maintain collections and keep notes and search all of it is exactly what I’d been searching for. The one thing I’d always wished was for a better way to sync everything across my desktop, laptop and mobile devices. I’m happy to hear that is coming. I will continue to support you, I’d just like to better understand the changes that are coming, the roadmap, and better understanding of the features/pricing structure.

Thank you!

Hey Jed,

I updated the plan description making the answers to your questions more explicit.
Does it answer those now?
On the sync topic: It’s our upmost priority and we are already working on it. Prototype works in our tests, so a big chunk is already out of the way. :tada:

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