Can't disable pdf annotation functions

When auto updating to the latest memex extension, I just can’t find the entry to close the pdf annotation functions, that would be really annoying sometimes if i was going to directly import it to the zotero for reading, maybe a exclusion list for openning pdfs from certain websites, like arxiv, elsevier, etc. thanks.

oooh, the option moved here, thanks!:+1:

I don’t have that option. How do I turn it off?

Image 2021-10-22 at 3.16.34 PM

Which version are you on?
Only available from 3.0.0 on.

Also which browser? Firefox or Chrome?

Firefox version is still in review, Mozilla team experiences severe lags in manual reviews.
Unfortunately the version before the release was automatically flagged for such a review.
Normally they are automated.

Also, you need to be on a pdf when you open this modal.

Just ran into this and was able to find the option with the help of this thread… But, honestly, this should really be an option in the main settings page

will add in the new release!

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