Can't annotate (some) documents behind logins

Hey gang! I’m really enjoying Memex: it’s a delightfully natural and intuitive way of zooming in on the things I care about in an ever-deepening sea of content. I’ve noticed that I have some trouble annotating documents that aren’t accessible to anonymous users.

Tonight I noticed that I can’t add notes or highlights to a document hidden behind O’Reilly Learning’s wall. I tried my private Notion workspace to see if the glitch occurred there as well—only to find that the opposite was true. I can add highlights, but I can’t remove them.

I created a quick screencast of the broken behavior alongside Memex’s Chrome background page devtools. Happy to add any additional color that’d be helpful.

(And I’d be willing to concede this may be more a feature request than a bug report. :grimacing:)

Hey @phyllisstein

Thanks for leaving this hear.

I assume that the O’Reilly page does some magic with the way the links or the dom is structured.
Can you post the link the the affected page here?

On the annotation deletion issue: We are aware that it exists and its already scheduled to be fixed.


Thanks for your response! I noticed the glitch in The Clojure Workshop but it seems to occur with any of their books. Oddly enough, highlighting works great on the main landing page.

I grabbed a copy of one chapter from that book: Let me know if I can furnish any other useful information.

I have a theory about this one. O’Reilly’s reader has its own highlighter, which also pops up when text is selected. The Memex tooltip always appears, but sometimes O’Reilly’s doesn’t. Memex’s “Highlight” button doesn’t respond when O’Reilly’s tooltip is also on the page. When the built-in highlighter doesn’t show up, Memex creates an annotation as expected.